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Copa wants to expand its frequencies to Puebla after successful first month


Copa Airlines chief executive Pedro Heilbron said that there is good demand for the Puebla-Panama flight that is held four times a week, which could expand its output as demand justifies it: “”if we continue at the current rate, it will not be long time for this to become reality, “”he emphasized.

The executive stressed that it has had a promising start, as reserves grew more than expected, which gives them confidence in the success of the route. This digital reported last February that with a focus on the business and leisure tourism market, in August the Puebla-Panama flight from Huejotzingo International Airport (AIP) was inaugurated through Copa Airlines with the project at that time to achieve a daily frequency, so in this way the connectivity with Central America and South America was guaranteed.

Bland›n Figueroa emphasized that the cultural offer, in which the Museums of Constancy, Vienna and Children’s Music stand out, is a motivator to reinforce the economic and cultural exchange between the two countries. He emphasized that Panama has much to learn from Puebla, such as the importance of investing in public spaces and culture, to promote economic growth in its city.

Tourism minister Gustavo Him highlighted that Puebla’s organization, logistics, security and cultural offer has made it an interesting destination for international tourism. “”Puebla is already known worldwide, because of its gastronomy and culture, which makes it different from other cities that do not show the same,”” he said.


Top 10 Destinations to Celebrate the New Year


Nothing is missing to start the holiday season and is the ideal time to make a plan. Some use this time to be in family and enjoy the tranquility of the city, but others prefer to take advantage of the holidays to travel. If the latter is your case and you do not have a ticket to launch the adventure, you are in time to acquire it but you must hurry.

The places we share below are a guarantee to celebrate the Christmas Eve and New Year eve. They range from the closest ones like Los Cabos or Las Vegas to places like Melbourne or Rome. If you dare to live a new experience, these are the last minute destinations that you must consider to travel.

Top 10 destinations to celebrate New Year 

If you want to party, this is the right place. During the New Year’s Eve you’ll find over 300,000 people along the Las Vegas Strip, which turns into a 100% pedestrian street that night. There is a gigantic party with live bands, pyrotechnic shows and lasers, and the clubs, casinos and hotels have special events. If you choose Las Vegas as your destination for New Year’s Eve, you will not regret it.

Manhattan, New York

It has an atmosphere that in very few cities is lived. It is the meeting point of more than one million people who welcome you to the New Year together. Times Square is the place where you must be to count down, but also from a skyscraper or near the Statue of Liberty you can admire the fireworks in all their splendor.

Los Cabos, Mexico

One of the most fun places to celebrate in our country. Los Cabos will captivate you with its beautiful scenery and nightlife. By this time thousands of people from all over the world come to enjoy the beaches of Mexico right to this place. You will be delighted with the best food, there will be lots of music with bands and DJ’s to have the most fun between Mexican parties, Latin nights, parties on a catamaran or in a club at night.

The Bahamas

If you want to escape the cold to a paradise destination, The Bahamas awaits you with open arms. The locals celebrate with the Junkanoo parade, which is a kind of Mardi Gras but totally Caribbean-style. The celebration goes to the surroundings of the island where everyone meets with music, colorful clothes and delicious delicacies of typical gastronomy of the place. With the great offer of luxury hotels in Bahamas, this place is a must see.

Orlando, Florida

Enjoying the holidays with Mickey Mouse is a dream come true. You can enjoy with family or friends the best vacations in the parks, since during this season they open until one in the morning. In every park there are different attractions such as laser shows, Cirque du Soleil performances, incredible parties, live artists and confetti everywhere. It will be an experience you will never forget.

Rome Italy

In this city full of history, celebrating another year in the calendar is a milestone. The fireworks show with the beautiful scenery of the Roman Colisseum is an impressive experience. Piazza del Poppolo becomes the biggest party in all of Italy. You will also find festivities for the monument of Vittorio Emanuele II, Piazza Navona or Via dei Fiori. You will dance all night and toast to receive the 2016 with all the entertainment that this place has for you.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

If Rio de Janeiro is famous for celebrating its carnival, imagine how the New Year celebration is. The iconic Copa Cabana beach welcomes more than two million people over miles and miles. They all dress in white and enjoy music, delicious food and a great atmosphere by the sea.

Sydney, Australia

This destination is spectacular. Not only because it is the first place where everyone shouts Happy New Year !, but because it has the most impressive fireworks show of all. The Sydney Opera House and Sidney Harbor Bridge are lit up with this great show. There is also a wonderful parade to celebrate.

London England

The best thing to celebrate in this place is to wait for Big Ben to mark the arrival of the new year. More than 250,000 people attend to celebrate together and fill the streets of London with joy. The celebration does not end there. The next day there is a big parade with colorful floats, incredible dancers and even you can see the horses of the queen parade.

Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

Celebrating the night of the old year on this island is something magical. The festivities attract thousands of tourists from the surrounding islands and the world. It will be 48 hours without stopping to dance in bathing suit, eat and enjoy the perfection of its beaches. Here the verb sleeping does not exist, you will celebrate in great the arrival of 2016.


Turbulence: Six Reasons Why You Should not Be Scared

Sometimes the fear of getting on an airplane is generated by the turbulence. We leave 6 reasons why you should not fear them. You have been saving for months to buy your ticket and when you finally have everything you need, a fear begins to invade.

You’ve never been on a plane before, but you’ve been told that there are sudden movements in the air that are called turbulences. This natural phenomenon is generated by the change in direction and speed of the air. Actually, it is not as apocalyptic as they present it.

There are three types of sensations that are experienced in the airplane due to the turbulences: a light one, in which a glass with water could vibrate; a moderate one, in which the water of the glass could get to splash outside of it and a severe one, in which glass would finish in the floor.

Of these possibilities, the most common is light. If after knowing this you still feel insecure to fly, you do not have to worry because:

“The airplanes are built and designed to withstand the worst possible situations, such as severe turbulence.

– The pilot of the airplane will warn if you are about to enter or you are in a zone of turbulence turning on the light of buckling the safety belt.

– If you go through these “aerial bumps” you should fasten your seatbelt and stay in your seat.

– You should choose seats in the front or middle rows, since back is where the most movements feel.

– Aircraft turbulence is very frequent, but rarely causes damage or danger. They only cause discomfort.

– You must be calm and not despair. Relax your mind thinking of something else, as in the beautiful holidays that await you.

Tips to Make your Suitcase Weigh Less


When traveling, an important detail is to know how to organize things in your suitcase to not exceed the allowed weight Only those who have had to pay for excess baggage know the importance of being restrained at the time of packing. Besides, wanting to carry everything in the suitcase when traveling is not only an extra expense but also a discomfort.

Check these tips to take what is strictly necessary and make your bag weigh less:

1. Focus on the suitcase itself. Do not forget that when you put it on the scale, each suitcase has a different weight. There are suitcases that, however pretty they are, are hard and heavy. Try to choose a lightweight to put your things. You will gain weight and space.

2. Perform a second review. It is important that you separate all the things you want to take to your trip in one place. After that, check again one by one and is eliminating some that you think you will not use.

3. Do not wear the same things. There are people who put two poles, two jackets or two pairs of shoes in their suitcases. Instead of doing that, pack one and wash it when it gets dirty. Do not duplicate your space with things you can avoid.

4. Review your benefits. If you are a ‘frequent flyer’ of a particular airline, check your benefits well, as you probably have the right to carry more weight in your suitcase than the rest of the passengers.

5. Manage your hand luggage well. If you’re leaving for a long time and need to pack many things, try to put the heaviest items in your carry-on, to avoid being overweight in the suitcase.

6. Do not carry in your suitcase what you can find there. If you are staying at a good hotel, you can pack towels, soaps or some item you can find there without problems.


Airlines like LAN and Avianca usually have a limit of 23 kilos for each baggage that goes in the cellar of the airplane. This amount may change depending on the destination and the type of flight you purchase.


Proven, People who Travel are more Sociable and Healthier


Many studies have shown that investing your money in experiences and not spending it on things makes you happier, checked with statistics, data and so on. And of course, traveling is one of the best experiences in which you can invest your money.

We are all thinking about where we can go, hunting deals, looking for hotels and other, all the time. Traveling transforms you, every time you embark on a journey open before you a world of possibilities that would not have existed otherwise, from the person that will sit next to you in the airplane until the landscapes and scenarios that you are going to know. To check how traveling makes you a sociable and healthier person, we leave these points:

1. It forces you to socialize Even the most shy have to talk to a stranger to order at a restaurant, ask for directions, buy a ticket or ask where the bathroom is. This is the most basic form of socialization, but when you are traveling you see yourself talking to lots of people with whom you would not normally talk.

2. Improve your planning skills No matter what your travel style, there is always something you have to plan. And this will help you improve your way of planning your budgets, schedules and activities.

3. Transforms your attitude When you are traveling you do not know what is going to happen … It does not matter if you take the planned itinerary until the last second, all the trips are an adventure. And that means you have to open up to the unexpected and adopt it with the best attitude, because for that you went on a trip.

4. It makes you more tolerant From understanding that in other parts of the world things become different until you have patience in the stores of the small towns of your country, traveling teaches you that the world is not as you know it, that each person has a different world and the wonder is that we all share it.

5. Broaden your worldview Part of knowing other ways of life and other cultures (even if they are 2 hours from your house … distance does not make a difference) is to realize the diversity of ideas, dreams, experiences, stories, cultures and worldviews that exist.

Traveling opens your mind … A trip makes you a much healthier person for all these things. They do not have to be long or expensive trips … start with a weekend to 1 hour of their houses … it is possible that they crush the traveling bug and every time they want to go further.


Did you know…? Seven World Sights for Travelers


The world. In your trip you will be filled with culture, learning and fun. But it is always important to know the place you visit before if you want to buy the ticket. That’s why we give you some interesting facts about important sites that may interest you.

1. Mount Everest in Nepal has a height of 8,848 above sea level. But what you did not know is that each year grows 4 millimeters and also, annually, moves a little to your right.

2. While Everest is growing, Mexico City sinks about 10 centimeters per year.

3. The Vatican’s “Swiss guard” in Italy still wears the fashionable uniform inspired by the Renaissance by the famous painter Rafael.

4. The London Underground was the first underground in the world. All a hit in 1863 despite the large amount of smoke in the stations and tunnels due to this machinery.

5. Each of the boats to walk around Venice, Italy, is made of 280 pieces of 8 different types of wood.

6. Table Mountain in South Africa actually looks like a table with a tablecloth on top. Since it is covered finely at the top with orographic clouds.

7. The Chinese Wall, the largest military building on the planet, is also the largest cemetery in the world, with about 10 million workers killed during construction; and buried them in the vicinity.


Things you did not know about New York


1) Statue of Liberty. One of the flagship monuments of this metropolis is The Statue of Liberty, arrived divided into 300 pieces and was assembled in a year. To withstand the force of the wind, it can swing up to 12 centimeters in any direction.  Its original name is: Liberty Enlightening the World.

2) Big apple. The Big Apple is a term that was born in the 20’s, when black jazz musicians used the word apple as a synonym for city.

3) Broadway is the longest avenue, with 33 kilometers in length. Its name is derived from the Dutch sentence breede wegh, meaning wide road. It crosses Manhattan from north to south.

4) Manhattan. Manhattanhenge. It is a solar phenomenon that occurs twice a year, May 28 and 30 and July 11 and 13 depending on the rotation of the earth, where the sun aligns in the horizon of streets 14 to 57. This unique urban sunset in the world, is better appreciated on 42nd Street.

5) Five districts. New York is divided into five districts: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.

6) Times Square. In Times Square, the cheapest light commercial is from Coca-Cola, the company pays $ 1 million a year.

7) Taxis. Taxis are yellow because Yellow Cab Company founder John Hertz read a University of Chicago study indicating that yellow is the easiest color to spot.

8) Macys is the largest store in the world. The building occupies a whole block, has 11 floors in which about 500 thousand items are sold. Every day has an influx of 30 thousand people.

9) White House. The first White House was built where the Brooklyn Bridge now stands. There is a plaque certifying that Samuel Osgood, the first US presidential executive, lived there.

10) Hot dog. The first hot dog sold is attributed to the German immigrant Charles Feltman, who dispatched sausages inside bread rolls on Coney Island in 1870. Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker was his employee and founder of the Nathans Famous restaurant chain.

11) The ghost. The Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running show in Broadway history. It premiered on January 26, 1988 at the Majestic Theater and on January 9, 2006 broke the record with 7,486 functions.


They find in the Great Blue Hole of Belize keys of the Disappearance of the Mayas


A group of researchers from Louisiana State University and Rice University have discovered in the Great Blue Hole of Belize one of the keys that may explain the disappearance of the Maya. The Mayan civilization flourished in the Yucatan peninsula.

These ancient Mesoamericans built impressive pyramids, mastered astronomy, developed a hieroglyphic writing system, and created a system calendar that is famous for supposedly predicting that the world would end in 2012. The Big Blue Hole is a sink located on the Lighthouse Reef , an atoll about 100 km off the coast of Belize, which is 300 meters wide and 123 meters deep.

At its origin was a system of limestone caves, when sea levels were lower. When the ocean level rose, the caves were flooded and the roof sank forming so sigular hole. The Great Blue Hole, according to scientists was a cave, but in hundreds of years the tide went up and submerged.

Scientists have found sediments and rocks from the declining era of the Mayan Empire (between 800 and 1000 BC), and have detected low amounts of aluminum in them, according to The Guardian newspaper. titanium, which reveal great amount of tropical rains.

These data, published in a study, point to a severe drought at that time that could be key to the extinction of this Mesoamerican civilization. Although they have already found evidence of this drought, the Great Blue Hole is the area best aligned with Tikal, the ancient capital of the Maya, and is also on the route of tropical storms passing through this ancient city.


A Trip in the Mountains – Follow these Recommendations


A trip to a mountain or tourist mount, whether just to enjoy the scenery or to venture on a tiring trek that is worthwhile, can bring risks if one is not well prepared or does not know some basic recommendations.

Eat a good breakfast: The journey will be exhausting, not only because of the distance or the slope, but because the height also influences. However, only breakfast should contain enough liquid, carbohydrates and protein, which will give you the energy you need. The rest of the day do not happen to eat the same, but only light, like sweets, chocolate, cereals (yes, lots of water to hydrate). If you eat too much along your journey you will end up with an upset stomach or vomiting, so you will have to return to camp or base.

Avoid Unnecessary Risks: Do not bathe in mighty rivers, do not climb the ravines, do not trust the depth of mountain lakes (it can be endless), use mosquito repellents and be very careful with the uneven terrain of the mountain … a stone can cause you to stumble and cause a tragedy.

Calculate the hours: You must know how long you will delay until you reach the goal, you will not want the night to surprise you in the middle of the road. Especially in those mountains of free access where you do not need guidance and run by your own luck.

Do not go up alone: The help of your teammates will be fundamental because there are always accidents like kinks, fractures or something like that. Do not travel alone or with a single partner, which is best in a group of 3-4 people or more.

The sun is more dangerous: every 300 meters in height, increases the power of UV rays by 4%. If you are burning do not think it is the same as a sunny beach day, it can be much more harmful to your skin so take the necessary equipment to protect you from the sun’s rays.


Fast and furious will come to life at Universal Orlando


The attraction, which will recreate the world of clandestine auto racing, will be ready in 2017. One of the most successful film sagas of recent times, Fast and Furious, will have its own version at the Universal Studios Florida complex in the American city of Orlando.

The attraction, which adds to that of Harry Potter, The Simpsons, The Mummy, My favorite villain and other movie hits that have been recreated at Universal parks, will be ready in 2017.

Visitors will be able to experience an explosive high-octane journey that will fuse an original story line and incredible technology with everything the fans love about the film: popular characters, thrilling environments, constant action and, of course, high-speed cars, Universal said in a release. Dwayne Johnson (Hobbs), Michelle Rodriguez (Letty) and Tyrese Gibson (Roman) will be part of the ‘Fast’ family when they embark on an electrifying and new adventure of Fast & Furious (Fast and Furious by its title in Spanish).

Travelers will be immersed in the clandestine world of car racing that became famous in the movies, exploring the headquarters of Toretto and his team, and even see some of the supercharged cars they saw on the big screen. They will also board specially designed vehicles and take off on an adrenaline rush with their favorite movie stars.

Fast & Furious is the biggest film franchise in Universal Pictures that has grossed in the box office in history. Since the release of the first film in 2001, the series Fast & Furious became a cultural phenomenon.

The attraction will replace Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue and Disaster, Major Motion Picture Starting You at Universal Studios Florida. Disaster will close on September 8, and Beetlejuice will close later this year to make way for the new attraction.