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Copa wants to expand its frequencies to Puebla after successful first month


Copa Airlines chief executive Pedro Heilbron said that there is good demand for the Puebla-Panama flight that is held four times a week, which could expand its output as demand justifies it: “”if we continue at the current rate, it will not be long time for this to become reality, “”he emphasized.

The executive stressed that it has had a promising start, as reserves grew more than expected, which gives them confidence in the success of the route. This digital reported last February that with a focus on the business and leisure tourism market, in August the Puebla-Panama flight from Huejotzingo International Airport (AIP) was inaugurated through Copa Airlines with the project at that time to achieve a daily frequency, so in this way the connectivity with Central America and South America was guaranteed.

Bland›n Figueroa emphasized that the cultural offer, in which the Museums of Constancy, Vienna and Children’s Music stand out, is a motivator to reinforce the economic and cultural exchange between the two countries. He emphasized that Panama has much to learn from Puebla, such as the importance of investing in public spaces and culture, to promote economic growth in its city.

Tourism minister Gustavo Him highlighted that Puebla’s organization, logistics, security and cultural offer has made it an interesting destination for international tourism. “”Puebla is already known worldwide, because of its gastronomy and culture, which makes it different from other cities that do not show the same,”” he said.