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Proven, People who Travel are more Sociable and Healthier


Many studies have shown that investing your money in experiences and not spending it on things makes you happier, checked with statistics, data and so on. And of course, traveling is one of the best experiences in which you can invest your money.

We are all thinking about where we can go, hunting deals, looking for hotels and other, all the time. Traveling transforms you, every time you embark on a journey open before you a world of possibilities that would not have existed otherwise, from the person that will sit next to you in the airplane until the landscapes and scenarios that you are going to know. To check how traveling makes you a sociable and healthier person, we leave these points:

1. It forces you to socialize Even the most shy have to talk to a stranger to order at a restaurant, ask for directions, buy a ticket or ask where the bathroom is. This is the most basic form of socialization, but when you are traveling you see yourself talking to lots of people with whom you would not normally talk.

2. Improve your planning skills No matter what your travel style, there is always something you have to plan. And this will help you improve your way of planning your budgets, schedules and activities.

3. Transforms your attitude When you are traveling you do not know what is going to happen … It does not matter if you take the planned itinerary until the last second, all the trips are an adventure. And that means you have to open up to the unexpected and adopt it with the best attitude, because for that you went on a trip.

4. It makes you more tolerant From understanding that in other parts of the world things become different until you have patience in the stores of the small towns of your country, traveling teaches you that the world is not as you know it, that each person has a different world and the wonder is that we all share it.

5. Broaden your worldview Part of knowing other ways of life and other cultures (even if they are 2 hours from your house … distance does not make a difference) is to realize the diversity of ideas, dreams, experiences, stories, cultures and worldviews that exist.

Traveling opens your mind … A trip makes you a much healthier person for all these things. They do not have to be long or expensive trips … start with a weekend to 1 hour of their houses … it is possible that they crush the traveling bug and every time they want to go further.