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A Trip in the Mountains – Follow these Recommendations


A trip to a mountain or tourist mount, whether just to enjoy the scenery or to venture on a tiring trek that is worthwhile, can bring risks if one is not well prepared or does not know some basic recommendations.

Eat a good breakfast: The journey will be exhausting, not only because of the distance or the slope, but because the height also influences. However, only breakfast should contain enough liquid, carbohydrates and protein, which will give you the energy you need. The rest of the day do not happen to eat the same, but only light, like sweets, chocolate, cereals (yes, lots of water to hydrate). If you eat too much along your journey you will end up with an upset stomach or vomiting, so you will have to return to camp or base.

Avoid Unnecessary Risks: Do not bathe in mighty rivers, do not climb the ravines, do not trust the depth of mountain lakes (it can be endless), use mosquito repellents and be very careful with the uneven terrain of the mountain … a stone can cause you to stumble and cause a tragedy.

Calculate the hours: You must know how long you will delay until you reach the goal, you will not want the night to surprise you in the middle of the road. Especially in those mountains of free access where you do not need guidance and run by your own luck.

Do not go up alone: The help of your teammates will be fundamental because there are always accidents like kinks, fractures or something like that. Do not travel alone or with a single partner, which is best in a group of 3-4 people or more.

The sun is more dangerous: every 300 meters in height, increases the power of UV rays by 4%. If you are burning do not think it is the same as a sunny beach day, it can be much more harmful to your skin so take the necessary equipment to protect you from the sun’s rays.