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Turbulence: Six Reasons Why You Should not Be Scared

Sometimes the fear of getting on an airplane is generated by the turbulence. We leave 6 reasons why you should not fear them. You have been saving for months to buy your ticket and when you finally have everything you need, a fear begins to invade.

You’ve never been on a plane before, but you’ve been told that there are sudden movements in the air that are called turbulences. This natural phenomenon is generated by the change in direction and speed of the air. Actually, it is not as apocalyptic as they present it.

There are three types of sensations that are experienced in the airplane due to the turbulences: a light one, in which a glass with water could vibrate; a moderate one, in which the water of the glass could get to splash outside of it and a severe one, in which glass would finish in the floor.

Of these possibilities, the most common is light. If after knowing this you still feel insecure to fly, you do not have to worry because:

“The airplanes are built and designed to withstand the worst possible situations, such as severe turbulence.

– The pilot of the airplane will warn if you are about to enter or you are in a zone of turbulence turning on the light of buckling the safety belt.

– If you go through these “aerial bumps” you should fasten your seatbelt and stay in your seat.

– You should choose seats in the front or middle rows, since back is where the most movements feel.

– Aircraft turbulence is very frequent, but rarely causes damage or danger. They only cause discomfort.

– You must be calm and not despair. Relax your mind thinking of something else, as in the beautiful holidays that await you.