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Did you know…? Seven World Sights for Travelers


The world. In your trip you will be filled with culture, learning and fun. But it is always important to know the place you visit before if you want to buy the ticket. That’s why we give you some interesting facts about important sites that may interest you.

1. Mount Everest in Nepal has a height of 8,848 above sea level. But what you did not know is that each year grows 4 millimeters and also, annually, moves a little to your right.

2. While Everest is growing, Mexico City sinks about 10 centimeters per year.

3. The Vatican’s “Swiss guard” in Italy still wears the fashionable uniform inspired by the Renaissance by the famous painter Rafael.

4. The London Underground was the first underground in the world. All a hit in 1863 despite the large amount of smoke in the stations and tunnels due to this machinery.

5. Each of the boats to walk around Venice, Italy, is made of 280 pieces of 8 different types of wood.

6. Table Mountain in South Africa actually looks like a table with a tablecloth on top. Since it is covered finely at the top with orographic clouds.

7. The Chinese Wall, the largest military building on the planet, is also the largest cemetery in the world, with about 10 million workers killed during construction; and buried them in the vicinity.